Carefully selected…

Individually vacuum packed and deep-frozen

Samples for Schools provides a comprehensive range of samples to complement the national syllabus. Carefully selected specimens from veal, lambs and pigs as well as chickens and fish are available.

In addition to our fish heads and eyes, we specialise in livestock organs; brain, heart, lung, kidney, testicle, tongue and liver. Pigs trotters and whole pluck, lites and tops are readily available too.

Quality Dissection Samples

  • Food industry by-product, free from abnormality and disease
  • Preservative free, individually vacuum packed and deep-frozen
  • Food Grade samples (fit for human consumption)

Sustainable & Ethical

Samples are a by-product of the regulated food industry, so no animals are slaughtered specifically for the lab.

All our lamb and beef specimens are stunned prior to slaughter, and slaughtered in accordance with Halal practices.


Timing is everything when you work to a tight timetable.

Storage space can be at a premium, so storing samples in the freezer can really help. If you do need specimens quickly though, our date picker enables you to select your ideal delivery date.

Inspire & Enlighten Students

Your school, college or university appreciates the value of high quality dissection samples to inspire and enlighten the students. Our frozen samples are entirely natural, safe and odourless, and they’re vacuum-packed in eco-friendly insulation and despatched directly to you.

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