5 Lamb Kidneys


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Individual lambs kidney, uncut and in fat.

Out of stock

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The Lamb Kidneys were restocked twice a week (Tues/Thurs) the quantity that comes into us from London varies (sadly), then we have to select through them too ensure you are only provided with unslashed/undamaged ones, so we are not aware of the amount we will have until they have been processed. The issue at this time is that due to the price of Lamb per kilo, the kidneys are being removed before we get the option to obtain them.

Individual lamb kidneys, uncut and in fat. Taken from lamb under 12 months of age, free from imperfections. Passed as fit for human consumption and frozen within 24 hrs of slaughter.


Vacuum packed, 5 kidneys per pack.


Per organ set approximately: 0.06kg


Shelf life (in freezer): 2 years
Defrost time: 24 hours in fridge, 12 hours ambient.
Defrosted shelf life (in fridge): 5 days

Halal: Yes


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