Lamb Pluck


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Full lamb pluck, all in one piece as removed from body cavity.

27 in stock

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We process our incoming Lamb Plucks on Thursday around 12:30 to ensure they are unslashed etc, so if the item is out of stock, check back in the afternoon and you should be able to order. We appreciate your patience.

Full lamb pluck (all in one piece as removed from body cavity). Taken from lamb under 12 months of age, free from imperfections. Passed as fit for human consumption and frozen within 24 hrs of slaughter.


Individually bagged.


Per organ approximately: 1.85kgs


Shelf life (in freezer): 2 years
Defrost time: 36 hours in fridge, 24 hours ambient.
Defrosted shelf life (in fridge): 5 days

Halal: Yes

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